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Boosting Innovation

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A space for technologic and creative collaboration

Software Development With a Twist

What makes us unique? For more than 10 years we’ve been doing what we love – great software for great companies. We understand the particular needs of every business, we speak the same language, we understand business goals and most importantly we deliver clean, scalable code.

We’re proud to have an eclectic mix of developers ranging from senior tech leads who’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies to creative and promising fresh out of college developers.

Want to learn more? Visit us at:

Tech Incubator

Mind Cubic is a space where entrepreneurs transform their ideas into self-sustained tech startups.

How do we make it work? By incorporating tech infrastructure, strategic collaboration and bi-national contacts in a single environment, we are able to support and fund new technology business opportunities and startups. As a part of the tech ecosystem of the Cali-Baja mega-region, our goal is to boost innovation and entrepreneurship.

If you are interested on incubating your idea or want to know more about our program, you can get information at:

Companies & Startups

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Working to build a stronger region

Emprende Tijuana

We actively participate in this government initiative, which seeks to support enthusiastic undertakers through the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Connect with CONNECT

On October 2014, Entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, capital providers, industry executives and professional services providers who where interested in maximizing their connections and looking for a one-stop introduction to the vast array of industries and business opportunities in the San Diego and the Baja Region, met at this networking event, featuring cross-border startups

Tijuana Innovadora

Tijuana Innovadora is an organization of residents of the border region who love Tijuana, and want its true story told. They come from all walks of life and are united by the goal of promoting innovative ideas to improve their city and border region.

Startup Weekend Tijuana

Is an event that brings together the best talent from both sides of the border. We have hosted, sponsored and collaborated in the organization and promotion of this 54 hour weekend event in Tijuana.

Startup Drinks MX

AVM and Endeavor Baja organize a monthly networking event, held at different locations, in which all the members of the tech and entrepreneurial community have a drink and share their ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

Startup Talks

Is a monthly event that’s held at HUB STN Binational Coworking Space. It is the presentation of a venture with traction in which the entrepreneur shares with the audience the experience of launching a startup: achievements, pitfalls and what are the next steps. ArkusNexus’ ventures EdNinja and Contarte have participated in this event.

Tijuana Tech Tour

Powered by Angel Ventures Mexico, this event is a meetup of the regional Tech Ecosystem key players that intends to expose Tijuana and Baja’s economic benefits, such as software development and tech startups.

Google Developers Group

We’ve helped the community as a meetup spot in Tijuana. Several of our developers are active members, constantly participating constantly in meetups and Google events.

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things” – Theodore Levitt

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